The Dove, Bury St Edmunds

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Beers Coming to The Dove

This is a list of the beers settling and conditioning in our cellar and will be served over the next few days.

Brewer Beer ABV  
Marstons Old Empire 5.7  
Jennings Snecklifter 5.1  
Ringwood Old Thumper 5.1  
Nethergate Old Growler 5.0  
Courage Directors 4.8  
Adnams Broadside 4.7  
Adnams Ghost Ship 4.5  
Marstons Pedigree 4.5  
Thwaites Lancs Bomber 4.4  
Humpty Dumpty Broadland Sunrise 4.2  
Wolf Lupus 4.2  
Nethergate Stour Valley 4.2  
Moongrazer Ostara 4.2  
Thwaites Wainwright 4.1  
Adnams Old Ale 4.1  
Adnams Mosaic 4.1  
Moongrazer Nibbler 4.0  
Moongrazer Jigfoot 4.0  
Courage Best 4.0  
Moongrazer Jumper 3.9  
Nethergate Umbel Ale 3.9  
Moongrazer Pintail 3.9  
Marstons 61 Deep 3.8  
Humpty Dumpty Branch Line Bitter 3.8  
Nethergate Melford Mild 3.7  


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